Aileen ("Lee") Carol Wuornos

Well, let's start with the prostitution thing. If you are a "virtuous" girl, perhaps you are entitled to look down on her for this. But to the rest of you, especially the men, I'd say please think again. Put yourself in her place: Suppose you woke up one day and found that you were attractive to the opposite sex (yes, this wild-eyed bitch used to be a beautiful girl), so attractive that many of them wanted to have sex with you, and in fact they were happy to give you money, so the more you fucked, the richer you became. How many guys would turn that down? I know I would go for it in a second. Does the fact that she is female make a difference? Most men would be sluts if they had the opportunity, so don't knock a girl who does the same.

But she is a feminist, and in fact a man-hating feminist. (There are a few who don't hate men.) Well, she has good reason to hate men. She has often been mistreated by men. That is not a reason to hate all men, but we're not dealing with a rocket scientist, we are dealing with someone who doesn't have the luxury of dispassionate reflection. I believe that, if the question were posed to her, she would recognize that many men are not in the class of those who have misused her. But her first assessment is that any man she comes across is a potential opponent.
Now that her girlfriend Tyria Moore has betrayed her too, her bitterness is probably no longer restricted to a single gender, anyhow.

Okay, she killed several men.
There is good reason to believe her account of these acts, that the men attempted to rape her. Fucking a whore and not intending to pay her is morally and legally rape, since it is done under false pretenses. Physical force is not the only criterion for rape.
The prosecution's version does not hold water, because she fucked hundreds of guys and did not kill them.
Of course, she took property of some of these assholes, after they were dead and had no more use for the property; but that was not the purpose of the killings.
She claimed self-defense. That is probably not accurate, under Florida law, since she probably could have withdrawn and was not in her own home. But it was nevertheless justifiable homicide.

Even a whore deserves respect for her wares. You have a right to proper payment for your property, and the right to decide who may purchase that property, and the right to retain or dispose of that property as you see fit. Bill Gates will assure you that this is as true for intellectual property as it is for physical property. And it is true of Aileen's sexual favors, the only thing of value that she possessed.
Aileen had a moral right to defend her property and to seek compensation for theft of services. She had to do this herself, because the rotten Laws of Florida do not allow a whore to sue for non-payment. The legal system had been made unavailable to her. No recovery was possible through "legitimate" means. She had no legal recourse.

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